Annual Student Concert – Say It With Music 2016

Yay! The annual student concert this year was a success! This is our second student concert, with the first one back in 2014.

Say It With Music 2016 is back with bigger concert hall, more variety of performances, and most importantly, more students!

Every year, I will organize at least one concert for my students, and probably rope in a few of my fellow music teachers to join in as well.

This concert is to provide a stage for students to perform, because ultimately, learning music is not just about taking more and more exams. We want our students to learn and appreciate music, and be confident performers too!

So here are some of the highlights of Say It With Music 2016!

The concert starts at 10.30am, but we booked the studio from 10am onwards so that students can come in to practice and feel the piano.

Yeap, we have violin performers too! Everyone came early to warm up their fingers and instruments!

And then we kick off the concert right at 10.30am!

Yeap! Playing duet with kids of the piano too!

And then we have our first violin duet! He’s playing with teacher Marcus from Violin Music School.

And then we have our youngest piano student performance! She’s just 5! Isn’t she cute?!

Other than just piano and violin, we also have cello performance! Isn’t that great that music students can come together to learn from each other’s performance?

The cello might look big and hard to handle, but not for this little boy here! He manages his performance well, and even played duet with his teacher, Jayden from Music Mood!

To add more variety, we have vocal performances too!

And violin duet, teacher Marcus and his another student!

There are many more student performers but you can watch them more in the highlights video reel below 🙂

We had short breaks in between, and other than student performances too, I also get some of my friends to perform along as well.

And that was the time when all the students can take a break and enjoy performances from their teachers!

Yes, that was a duet by my friend Maria, and I. She’s an awesome singer, having performed in various corporate events, Dinner and Dances, and community programs too.

And the song we sing is really unique. There’s no words! Watch the video reel below to watch it!

And then, we have the finale!

A grand performance by the 3 teachers who organized the concert, for all the students, parents and friends who made Say It With Music 2016 a huge success!

A combination of Piano, Violin and Cello, performing ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri. We want to end the concert with a message that music is for everyone, and everyone can come together to play music!

Once again, we want to thank everyone who made this concert a huge success!

Thanks EveryOne!

We will see you again for Say It With Music 2017!

Video Highlights!


Btw, if you want to learn more about teacher Jayden and his classes, you can find out more about his Music Mood music lessons!

And for more information about my piano lessons, simply head over to Valerie Piano Studio will do. 🙂

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