Hard to say goodbye

You were not my first and you will not be the last, but what you gave me was beyond all I could ask.

Not everyone will understand how I feel about you but for sure you hold a special place in my heart, you grew up with me and have seen me through my ups and downs for the past 18 years.

Dad first brought you home without knowing if my interest in you would be for the long term, he kind of took a risk in that but it’s all for the better. Of course, my interest and passion for you grew as I grow up, you have seen me through the various exams that I took, the performances that I need to prepare for, the rejections I faced in life…

And in the recent years I got to see how my students came to love you as well! It is really a joy to see their happy faces as I watch from the side during lesson time.

It’s about a week since you’re gone, the empty corridor always reminds me of you, the bright tones you have, how good you sound even though you’re 18 years old.

It was definitely a hard decision to let you go because it’s like letting a big part of my life go…but I hope you will be well loved by your new owner somewhere out there.

Here’s my song dedicating to you, the music resembles our journey through the years, how we started small and young, as we grew together we experience more depth and joy and towards the end of the music, how you’re going away but it ends on a solid note, just like saying that you are always here.


Thank you for being my constant companion, my piano.