Little Moments With My Piano Kids in 2016

It’s more than a month into 2017, but I still want to look back and recollect the moments I had with my little kids piano students in 2016.

Sometimes during my kids piano classes, I do find some free time for the kids to perform some simple songs and also record for them to watch.

It is one way to train them to play a song from the start to the end well, without breaking up in the middle, and also prepare them mentally to focus on the song, no matter if there’s a camera (or anyone watching) or not.

I tried this out a few years ago, but did more short recordings in 2016. So when I looked back at the recordings I did, wow, those were amazing to watch. Some are really cute too!

Watch it here if you haven’t!

I published the video on my Valerie Piano Studio Fan Page. Do like it if you haven’t!

And I do realize something.

I have taught some of the kids for a couple of years. Some from age of 4, and they are now in Primary 3, 9 years old! 5 years! I look at them now, and looked back when they just started. The growth is amazing.

It is really amazing to be their piano teacher since the start of their music journey. And that is why I want to do more of these short videos for these kids.

I send these videos to their parents too, so they can see how their kids have grown over time, not just in size, but in skills too! 😀

I plan to do more videos this year and I’ll share it here again at the start of next year!

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