Say It With Music 2014

I shall start the year by looking back at this successful event which I’ve organised with teacher Marcus Ng from Say It With Music 2014  is a students’ concert in which we give them a stage for them to gain confidence and exposure in performing in front of a crowd.


We gather both our students and prepare them for a concert. I have my piano students, and teacher Marcus has his violin students. How about the audience? What more could be better than having the support of our loved ones to watch us play?

I’m glad that after a year in teaching, I can inspire them to go up the stage to perform for their loved ones. And this is the reason why we organize this concert! You see, practicing a song and performing a song are two different things.

Most of the time, when students come to practice a song that they have learnt, they can do it without much difficulty. As long as they practice correctly and regularly, they can play the song well.

However, everything will be different when it is about performing, even if it is performing the same song. The nerves will appear, stage fright might come in, ‘mind can go blank’ anytime. These are some of the common worries students have when we ask them to perform.

If performing is that scary, why do we still want to organize a concert to put them in a spot? We want them to gather experience in preparing a song for performance! And that can only be done if we give them a stage to do so, and not countless of hours of practicing without a single minute of stage time.

I’m glad that everyone had a great time! Whether or not that performance was perfect isn’t the most important thing, the fact that everyone had something to take home from this event makes it memorable.

Big cheers for my students!


valerie piano studio adult students

I’m looking forward to hold another concert soon in the year 2015. Do check out the video highlights of the concert we have compiled below. Happy New Year! (:

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  1. Hi Valerie, Lovely concert and I like the theme Say it with Music! Looking for a great music teacher like you. Could you give me a call. Thanks.

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