3 Reasons Why Hire A Private Piano Teacher

In Singapore, if you want to learn the piano, there are two ways you can go about it. You can sign up for a piano class in a music school like Yamaha or Cristofori, or go for piano lessons with a private piano teacher.  For classes in music schools, there can be individual or group piano classes, and in private lessons, it is usually one-to-one lessons with the teacher.

Are you thinking which type of lessons you should go for? Let us help you!

Here are 3 reasons why we recommend you take up lessons with a private piano teacher.

1. Lessons catered to your needs

When you do lessons with a private piano teacher, the teacher knows you better, as compared to group lessons in a school. When the teacher knows you well, he or she can design the lessons in a way that help you learn better. And since it is one-to-one, anytime you want the teacher to slow down the teachings, it can be done.

However, if you are in a group classes, lessons are catered to a group of students. The teacher can’t slow down, and you have to catch up! On the other hand, you may want to learn faster, but your teacher can’t go fast because of other students in the class. This will slow you down.

So if you are looking for lessons that catered to your needs, go for private piano lessons.

2. Flexibility in Curriculum

To add on to the above point, if you are having one to one piano lessons, your teacher can teach you different things outside the curriculum. Do you have a favourite song that you want to learn (like Disney’s Frozen)? Do you want to learn how to play by ear? Do you want to write your own song and play it on piano?

A private piano teacher can choose to teach you the new song first, before moving back to the curriculum.

However, it is difficult to do things differently in a music school. There is curriculum to follow, and the school may not allow their teachers to deviate too far from the main syllabus. Hence, you may find that the teacher may not meet your requests.

3. Flexibility in Schedule

This can be important for some students. For Singapore kids, we know they are involved in many enrichment programs. Sometimes they may have competitions. Sometimes they may fall sick. Shifting of class schedules can be very frequent. For adults, there may be delay in work, or family outings and so forth. Hence, there may be postponing of lessons too.

If you have a private piano teacher, when you shift lessons during the week, most teachers are okay to do makeup for you. On the other hand, some music schools can be strict in their schedule. If you miss a lesson, you may have to pay for the lesson, without any make ups.

4. Music Recitals and More!

One more reason!

If your teacher is experienced, he can get his students come together for a musical performance for all his students. This allows opportunities for you to perform. (Something like this student music concert).

It’s not a competition among students, but is more of a performance to showcase what you have learned.

Some schools organize recitals too, but some schools can be too caught up with pushing students for exams that they neglect all these performance opportunities.

There you go! 3+1 reasons why private piano lessons are more suitable for you. If you are looking to start piano lessons, you can check out Valerie Piano Studio, where I conduct home piano studios at my place in the east. If you’d like me to recommend other private piano teachers to you, you can send in your request too!